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Bonkers Blog June 2014

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18 June (Part 2) - Crossrail speeding up

Crossrail Crossrail CrossrailHaving heard that the layout of the track west of Eynsham Drive was more interesting than I could see from there I ventured deep into darkest Plumstead and stood on the ramshackle foot bridge at the end of Church Manorway (not to be confused with its namesake in Erith).

The dilapidated bridge is obviously going to be replaced by a wheelchair accessible concrete structure. The track layout provided no surprises. It would appear that from just a little east of that footbridge the London bound North Kent line will resume its original alignment and the extra tracks will from that point to the tunnel portal be laid on the northerly (Abbey Wood bound) side. Certainly what can be seen of the new footbridge would suggest as much.

Trains on the new track were belting through at a fair old lick and sure enough a trip down to the Bostall Manorway footbridge showed that the speed limit has been raised from 20 m.p.h. to 50.


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