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Bonkers Blog June 2014

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18 June (Part 1) - It’s déjà vu all over again

Cut councillorsIt’s not only the question of parking charges that come up every four years, there’s the question of the total paid out in councillors’ allowances too.

Four years ago councillor leader Teresa O’Neill began to tease us with the prospect of reducing the number of councillors from 63 to 42 thereby saving nearly a million pounds over an elected term. Naturally she did sweet FA about it.

Then this year the Conservatives made the same tired old promise to work towards a reduction in their election leaflets. I suppose some suckers fell for it and the Tories got a few more votes.

Election promise

The chances of anything coming of that empty promise are slim, if that word can be used in connection with our dear leader. In fact only three months ago she got pretty close to saying so herself. The most relevant bit begins at 1m:29s.

It would, the leader says, be disingenuous to expect savings to come from a reduction in the number of councillors. Well not if she had done what was expected four years ago it wouldn’t.

It’ll be the same old story in another four years. Voting unanimously for two paid Vice-Chairmen per scrutiny committee proves the Tories’ addiction to troughing.


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