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Bonkers Blog June 2014

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17 June (Part 2) - It’s the cuts stupid

TweetIf you live in the deprived North West corner of Bexley one of the things you have to get used to is no Refuse Recycling Centre. If you need to get rid of something that won’t go in the bin you have the choice of going as far east as you can without being in Dartford, or as far south without crossing the border with Bromley and the cost in time and fuel rarely makes that wothwhile. Is it any wonder that the area is blighted by flytippers? In the whole of my 27 years living in Bexley I have not once been to either of their recycling centres.

I went to Bromley’s once (with a Bromley residents rubbish) and wasn’t asked for any ID but Greenwich council which has a dump in Abbey Wood are wise to such things. Personally I find that everything goes in the wheelie bin if you chop it up small enough.

But in two weeks time Sidcup residents will know what it is like to live in Abbey Wood, on Wednesdays anyway. From that day the Footscray dump will operate a six day week. It is part of the budgetary cuts recently agreed in council with which you apparently wholeheartedly agreed.

£50,000 chopped off the recycling budget, more than enough to spend on unnecessary extra councillor allowances. Less rubbish pays for more rubbish.


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