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Bonkers Blog June 2014

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15 June - Sidcup edges its way back to sanity

The fortnightly trip to Sidcup to see if the regeneration looks like being completed on time gave some small cause for optimism. The footpath outside Sidcup & Co. is less of a mess than two weeks ago and whilst Hadlow Road is still not finished the similar reconstruction at Hatherley Road is coming along at a far more satisfactory pace.

Sidcup Sidcup Sidcup Sidcup

SidcupThe short section of Sidcup High Street running between Hadlow Road and The Black Horse has been returned to two way working and some of the new shop fronts are quite attractive.

The two above have a nice clean and simple look to them that appeals to my eye. Some are a bit too cluttered for my taste.


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