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Bonkers Blog June 2014

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14 June - Will Tuckley outclassed by plaited doll

John Watson, a regular at council meetings, sat next to me last Wednesday and he has shown me the subsequent correspondence between himself and Mr. Easton, Bexley’s Head of Member Services. It says that the council is not providing a wi-fi connection for public use in the council chamber. This does not quite accord with what the News Shopper’s reporter said to me on the night which was, unless I am very much mistaken, that Mr. Easton was apologetic and disappointed that it was the one thing not working properly for the inaugural meeting.

John failed to get a mobile signal on either of his two devices even when he went out into the reception area. After being stuck in a hospital ward for long periods two months ago unable to send messages to the outside world I bought a cheap mobile phone for myself; I can confirm that it too failed to find any signal within the Civic Offices.

Whilst my phone is allegedly ‘Smart’ I am not sure I would be smart enough to ‘Live Tweet’ from the meeting but it would appear that it is all academic anyway, democracy and transparency can only be allowed to go so far. Allowing an unsupervised camera to be placed where there is no clear line of sight to anything interesting is the limit for ‘citizen journalists’ or even professional journalists, in fortress Bexley.

The webcast is a massive step forward but it can be strictly controlled. Correspondence suggests it was widely watched by Bonkers readers but whether that will advance the council’s dubious reputation remains to be seen.

TuckleyWell I did actually sit through the whole of the webcast. The highlight was the young girl plaiting her doll’s hair. The final result was approved by her grandparents (?) sitting by her side.

It was also noticeable how warm it was by people waving papers to cool themselves down and the lady taking off her jacket. Did I catch a glimpse of you in the top right hand corner whilst a councillor was speaking?

What justification does Will Tuckley have to look a twat wearing a wig and gown? Thought the chamber looked like a church hall with a few tables and expensive chairs placed around. Nice also to be able to see the parked cars.

Err, yes, I am visible in a few shots. Should I object?

I think Will Tuckley wears a wig to signify that he is legally responsible for everything Bexley council does. Criminal and otherwise.


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