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Bonkers Blog June 2014

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11 June - Prat parrots platitudinous propaganda. Residents rubbished

Leitch Footpath The Agenda for the first meeting of the new council tonight suggests it will be an incredibly boring affair and likely to drive away all but the most masochistic of web viewers (†) very quickly indeed. For regular attendees the name of the game will be sorting the newly elected wheat from the chaff. Will there be a new contender for the prized position of village idiot? Will any lady dare compete with Maxine Fothergill’s extravagant hairstyles, can anyone be more obnoxious than Linda Bailey, who will crawl lowest and longest to be leader’s pet? Today’s News Shopper letters page offers a clue.

Rob Leitch, the new man in Sidcup has staked an early claim to be the Conservatives’ obedient but mindless propagandist. He makes a fine job of belittling his electors who were featured in the paper two weeks ago. According to Rob, eight months of total disruption in and around Sidcup is all going to be worth it because 34 shops have swapped their old but serviceable signs with new ones and the perfectly good footpaths are being replaced by more perfectly good footpaths. Those dramatic changes are going to attract more high-end retailers apparently. Was that really the best he could come up with?

† If you follow the link from Bexley council’s webcasting portal to ‘webcasts’ you may view Brighton and Hove Council’s webcasts. Clever stuff. Will it be all right on the night?

Presumably the Brighton link will be removed before this evening, but above is the code as it exists right now.


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