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Bonkers Blog June 2014

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9 June - Council drip believes in drip drip

Bellegrove Road Bellegrove Road Welling WayNot a week goes by without a cash strapped Bexley council attacking residents’ pockets. Sometimes it is withdrawal of a service or benefit like opting out of the Open House Weekend but their favourite is the steady advance of parking restrictions and with it the opportunity to levy charges and issue fines.

Last week Bexley council announced the installation of more double yellow lines in 22 roads across the borough and single yellow lines in seven more.

FrizoniPresumably Mike Frizoni who is a Deputy Director in the ironically tagged Department of Wellbeing has been charged with raising as much of his £130,998 salary and pension package from motorists as possible. Bellegrove Road, Welling and Welling Way (the wide road that runs from Bellegrove Road to Rochester Way) have been mercifully free of parking restrictions, but not any more. Frizoni has spoken.

First he marked out parking bays along the entire length of the roads (Photo 1) , then he realised that encouraging parking across dropped kerbs was not too clever (Photo 2) and one can only guess that appropriate signage will go up next. Finally it will be added to the parking gestapo’s itinery. Eventually residents will pay the stealth tax.

Note: Pictures and story from a Welling reader.


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