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Bonkers Blog June 2014

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7 June - The mayor and other mares

Craske Bailey Clark O'NeillIf they were looking for decent weather they should have gone yesterday but perhaps Ladies’ Day would not have been appropriate for our Bexley Babes, so it’s a rainy Derby Day for them.

Presumably the mayor will be there propping up a bar wondering how much longer it will be before the strippers arrive. Linda Bailey will be putting money on an outsider that will come in months behind schedule. Val Clark will be frightening the horses and Teresa O’Neill most likely tussling with a turnstile. Perhaps Peter Craske will be looking for an accumulator that will fill the council’s £40 million black hole; oh no, forget that; he’s on the bookies side isn’t he?

Note: Yes Mr. E. this is all your fault.


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