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Bonkers Blog July 2014

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29 July - Making up for lost time

When Bexley council wakes up to the fact that its ostrich act is no longer tenable and realises how much damage it has done to job prospects in the borough and its own income, then credit where it is due, their publicity machine does its best to cover their shame and embarrassment. Look what has just showed up on the council’s website.
Naturally there is yet another consultation and fortunately it does not require a masters degree in IT and economics to complete it but you can still tell it is a Bexley consultation paper because of the inclusion of its usual ’motherhood and apple pie’ questions.
Do they honestly think that anyone would suggest Bexley council sits idly by and makes no plans for the future or perhaps plan to get least benefit? Idiots. And they cannot resist a bit of bias either.
We are asked if a Belvedere to Rainham bridge would be of benefit but the shorter, cheaper, land already reserved, quicker to build bridge at Gallions Reach which actually goes towards London rather than make landfall two London boroughs further to the east and half way to Southend is not given the same advantage. Connecting directly to the North Circular Road (A406) from a bridge at Thamesmead has obvious benefits but specific talk of it is supressed. Teresa O’Neill is still hoping to control our minds.

FailureHowever her new leaflet (PDF from link above bridge image) is well worth a look if only for the map and benefits summaries on Page 3.

It starts with an admission of failure which is welcome. It is good that the sinners may be repenting for depressing growth and prosperity in the borough for the past eight years.

Perhaps their lack of foresight is a reason for Bexley having a higher council tax rate than comparable boroughs. 24th worst position out of 32 is nothing to crow about; not that it has ever stopped them.


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