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Bonkers Blog July 2014

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28 July (Part 2) - The idiot that is Paul Moore

Paul MooreDid you look at Bexley’s webcast of their last council meeting? Did you read how the newly appointed Deputy Chief Executive Prat, Paul Moore told Elwyn Bryant that he was holding up the meeting by speaking to Kevin Fox?

At the risk of distorting Bexley council’s webcast viewing figures may I suggest you take a look at the first minute of their recording. Elwyn (pale jacket back left of room) leans over to whisper in Fox’s ear at the 18 second mark. At 42 seconds Paul Prat walks into frame, still quite a long way from Elwyn but just one second later Elwyn finishes with Fox and walks back to his seat. Any sensible person would realise that if there was a potential problem it had gone away and turn on his heels. But not Paul Prat. He carries on to reprimand Elwyn Bryant completely unnecessarily.

There are some very nasty small minded people working for Bexley council. Paul Moore is undoubtedly one of them.


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