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Bonkers Blog July 2014

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23 July (Part 2) - The old and weak suffer first

A reader sent me details of what he said was another example of a Bexley council cut which goes largely unseen, but I doubt that Bexley council is the number one villain in this case. It’s more like when they brag that they’ve driven down the contracted price for agency care workers with the result that they aren’t paid for travelling time or any extra for working Christmas Day and bank holidays. Then Bexley council can stand back and say it is nothing to do with them. Cutting the Avante wardens’ pay in half was nothing to do with them either.

This reader says that he has seen two elderly people moved from their homes to single bedroom apartments following withdrawal of the spare bedroom subsidy, commonly known as the bedroom tax. Neither had any issues with that in principle. One was moved last December and given help with the costs involved and the new place, the condition of which is described in far from flattering terms, was cleaned up by the housing association.

Social housingSix months later the second person moved to another single bedroom property in the same block which is described by my contributor in two words the second of which is hole. However the same housing provider has made no contribution to the expense involved and refused to do anything about the state of the accommodation. I’ve been sent photographs but I am reluctant to share them because they would identify the old man involved, so instead the image is of how Bexley council left a lady of my acquaintance, she has some mental problems, when they moved her from one home to another.

When I protested to Bexley council I was told she was getting no help because the poor woman was a nuisance. There is some truth in that comment but it’s not what you expect from Bexley council social services - or maybe it is.

It always seems to be the weakest in society who are attacked first.


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