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Bonkers Blog July 2014

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17 July (Part 1) - On a high

I may not always agree with them politically but I’m finding that Labour councillors representing Lesnes Abbey ward has one big advantage for me; they actually answer questions whereas my previous councillor, Conservative John Davey ignored me so successfully that I was driven to creating this website. The man has a lot to answer for.

Davey eventually realised that too many people shared my opinion of him and fled to Crayford allowing new brooms into the north west corner of the borough and until I annoy them once too often, they aren’t running if I head in their direction.

Before AfterI aimed a quick and somewhat casual question at our youngest and possibly most enthusiastic councillor, Danny Hackett. Had he seen the rather poor attempt at repairing the gate next to the derelict old Threshers off-licence next door to the separate Harrow Inn site for which planning permission for flats may one day be granted?

Danny was on the ball and knew all about that, he said the premises had been used for drug related activities and he and his colleagues had leaned on the owners to repair the gate. I’m not sure that cheap flooring panels would be my material of choice but at least Danny and Co. didn’t need an election date to be approaching to get something done, unlike the Conservative who ignored the similar problem next door for years until an election beckoned.



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