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Bonkers Blog July 2014

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16 July (Part 2) - Sounding off again

My thanks to several people who provided screenshots from their i-Pads etc. and apologies for conducting the discussion in public, too many contacts refuse to reveal their email address presumably because they are councillors or council officials.

Having seen the problem a possible fix has been introduced. When the BIB site is accessed the browser loads up and remembers for later use, literally hundreds of instructions on how to display text, graphics and more recently audio files. The latter instruction has been modified to tell the browser to give its media player some elbow room both above and below the player. Under test on Windows 7, all browsers, even the dreaded Safari are accepting the instruction. The margin is currently set at six pixels whether BiB is set to 960 pixel width or 480 pixels (Mobile mode) but they may be set independently of each other. Maybe the commentators, especially the anonymous one, can let me know if more is needed.

Because browsers remember the instructions on how to display web pages it is more than likely that it will need to be refreshed to make sure the latest set of instructions is loaded. Sound file displays will be affected retrospectively because they all take their instructions from the same place.


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