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Bonkers Blog July 2014

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8 July - Storm clouds gather

It’s the lull before a short lived storm and I have been trying to catch up with a number of household chores before Bexley council wakes from its slumbers for ten days before returning to them for its long summer break.

Bexley council never meets on Fridays but allowing for that they only miss one day between the 10th and 23rd of July. I’ve been scanning through the Agendas, not easy when their dreadful website can sometimes take several minutes to fetch a single PDF over my 80Mb/sec fibre connection.

Over the past four years Bexley council claims to have slashed £35 million from its spending, the poorer members of society and the lower levels of council employees can hardly fail to have noticed. Some of the consequences were listed here a couple of months ago. Widescale service cuts and price rises.

Next week the cabinet will discuss and then put out for further consultation, another £40 million (a figure of £50 million appears in the leader’s draft foreword) of cuts. Car parking charges will be set to “remain competitive with our neighbours” but reading between the lines an increase is on the cards.

More on this another time as I must attend to other things this evening. Meanwhile, if you would like to read it yourself


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