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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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30 January (Part 3) - Still cut off from the web

If you are seeing this it’s because a friend has allowed me to use his Virgin net connection and Internet Explorer has been successfully put in a sort of reverse mode to allow Bonkers to be published.

Every last bit of the equipment at my end has been changed - it helps to have the Technical Director of an ISP as a personal friend - so it looks as though the Openreach man might have been right when he suggested the problem could be in BT Wholesale’s territory. It may be quicker to install broadband on my second phone line than wait for this one to be fixed.

A phone caller suggested that Bexley council has arranged for my connection to be sabotaged. Have I come under the notice by GCHQ? I would doubt it but given the degree of state surveillance this country suffers these days, nothing can be ruled out absolutely. But I’m sure it will turn out to be something far more mundane.


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