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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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24 January (Part 1) - Misconduct in Public Office

Peter CraskeI get told quite often that it is difficult for newcomers to follow the story of councillor Peter Craske’s phone line which is not surprising because it has been going on for nearly three years. He must have cost taxpayer’s quite a lot of money by way of police investigations but on the other hand he has saved some by resigning his £13,000 a year cabinet job. “Personal reasons” he said which I suppose just about covers it.

When the Guardian newspaper asked me to send them a bundle of relevant documents I discovered they were filed under various headings and linked from a variety of obscure places, so I have spent some time bringing them all together with a dedicated Index.

There are a number of ‘holes’ where it seemed inappropriate at the time to publish topical letters and it may be possible to fill some of them given the case has moved on a bit, but for scholars of Bexley council’s obscene blogging activities it is now possible to follow the correspondence from the original blog and the complaint to Will Tuckley right through to the allegations of Misconduct in Public Office against former Borough Commanders Dave Stringer (for abandoning the case claiming no evidence when his investigating officer knew better - and then doing nothing with the evidence for months) and Victor Olisa (for concocting excuses for Stringer and succumbing to political interference).

A number of such Indices exist and they are now listed on the menus above. That other long running saga, Cheryl Bacon’s illegal meeting closure is there too, it will prove useful of the Local Government Ombudsman asks more questions. See ‘Navigation’ (Indices) on the Blog menu and ‘Miscellaneous’ (Indices) on the other one. (May need a page refresh before they are seen.)

Now where was I before I got led astray?


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