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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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22 January (Part 3) - One rule for them…

CCTV camerasI wonder what Michael Hix did to upset Bexley council?

He is featured on the News Shopper’s website because he has installed more than one CCTV camera on his house and the rules say they are too close together. Bexley council say he must pay £172 for them to rubber stamp his security installation.

May I suggest he runs for councillor at the next election instead?

Not a mile away from Mr. Hix’s house lives former mayor Ray Sams. He has two CCTV cameras on his house which are much closer than Bexley’s rules allow and according to Bexley's on-line planning portal, there has been no planning application at his address.

One rule for them and another for the plebs.

It’s funny how Bexley chooses to apply laws. They told Mick Barnbrook in connection with Bridleway 250 that Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1988 took precedence over the Rights of Way Act 2000 because the council has a responsibility to help reduce crime. But they don’t apply the same logic to the Town & Country Planning Act. Strange. Mr. Hix must belong to the wrong club.

Maybe Mr. Hix could go further than becoming a councillor and try hob-nobbing with Conservatives, providing them with horses and advertising in the Bexley Magazine?

Note: I have no quarrel with Ray Sams and his CCTV installation. It’s sensible and unobtrusive. More power to his elbow. And Mike Hix’s.


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