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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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19 January (Part 1) - Completing the circle

I’m taking a few minutes off from letter writing. One was posted yesterday, addressed to the Metropolitan Police’s Department of Professional Standards (DPS) who had asked whether my letter of 3rd December 2013 referring to former Bexley Borough Police Commander Victor Olisa was a complaint about him or a statement of fact. With only a suspicion of his wrong doing and no documentary support I had sat on the fence somewhat but following this week’s revelations I’ve told them it is definitely a complaint. In fact I am going further than that.

Bexleyheath police stationIt is now practically certain that Olisa’s predecessor Dave Stringer abandoned his enquiry into the Craske affair when there was no good reason to do so. Their own file records that there was nothing to suggest the source of Bexley council’s obscene blog could not be traced. Then after it was traced the police considered telling Elwyn Bryant and me that they couldn’t do anything. Political interference no doubt.

Fortunately along came Chief Superintendent Olisa who was unacquainted with Bexley’s corrupt methods and councillor Craske was arrested. Probably Craske was not the only one in trouble when political interference reared its ugly head again. The file clearly indicates that Olisa lied to Elwyn and me when we questioned him about political interference - he became very agitated - and to cover his predecessor’s delaying tactics.

My first complaint about Bexley police went to Commissioner Hogan-Howe in June 2012. All the DPS and IPCC involvement stemmed from that letter. So now he is going to get another alleging Misconduct in Public Office by these two Chief Superintendents.


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