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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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18 January (Part 1) - This and that

Big Spender
I needed to buy a birthday present for a four-year old so I took the bus to Bexleyheath and it by-passed Northumberland Heath again. I was ready to blame Bexley council but I now believe there may have been a road closure due to a traffic accident. Going the long way around non-stop proved to be an advantage; except for those who may have wanted to get somewhere along Erith Road. I finished up spending a whole £5 in PoundWorld. The toyshop in the Broadway Shopping Centre was between three and six times more expensive for the same thing.

It’s all bollards
BollardsLast Wednesday’s ‘bollards’ report brought forth another from someone against whom Bexley council took unreasonable revenge (well, downright dishonesty actually) about yet another resident boxed in by Bexley council. I shall have to keep my eye open for more.

Welling Corner
Welling CornerI came home via Welling so that I could pick up a few things in that electrical Aladdin’s Cave opposite Lidl, PJ Electrics, and couldn’t help noticing that the junction of Upper Wickham Lane and Bellegrove Road is still a traffic delaying mess. It was first a problem last April or May.

Bexley council must have no idea of the costs imposed on businesses and travellers by their cavalier attitude to road disruption.

It’s just the same round the corner in Upper Wickham Lane and It never stops, on Monday they are going to start digging up Sidcup High Street.

Click the photo for a better view.

Another fine mess
The gales in the early hours of Christmas Eve brought down a lot of walls and fences in my road and nearby. One wall didn’t fall completely because the ivy which covered it was just about holding on and needed to be safeguarded by council barriers. They sent FM Conway out the same day to make sure there was no immediate danger.

By the beginning of this week every single wall and fence had been replaced by their owners - except for one. That one is the responsibility of Gallions Housing Association (which we must learn to call Peabody Group now). Typical of such bodies that they don’t care as much as ordinary home owners. And in case you think I am being impatient as it is little more than two weeks since people got back to work after New Year, this particular fence came down during the overnight gale of 27th/28th October 2013. It represents a considerable security risk for several people. Peabody or pea brain?

Another report of neglect comes from Sidcup where a corrugated iron fence came down and exposed passers-by and inquisitive children to the sharp edges. By the look of the exposed garden the owners are not keen gardeners but according to neighbours, Bexley council is not interested in securing the site as they did in my road.
Wingate Road

Some optimism to end on
TwitterIf you are concerned about councillor Don Massey’s plan to store the borough’s history archive in Bromley in order to save less money than what he and his missus take home each year in allowances, then click the Twitter image to read what has been going on since 18th December.


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