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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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16 January - It’s in the BAG

Whilst rejoicing at the recent upturn in the flow of new information and pondering what might be blogged first, in came a phone call from @AlastairMorgan (apologies for falling into Twitterspeak) asking for help with his computer. It wouldn’t start and with 14,000 Twitter followers to keep happy he was beginning to panic.

So I spent half the day in central London struggling with an almost new Windows PC with a serious BIOS problem. It’s not fixed but I have trained Alastair on how to get it going even when it repeatedly freezes during POST. Regular readers will recognise Alastair’s name, he puts me to shame when it comes to chasing corruption. 27 years ago his brother Daniel died with an axe embedded in his head a few days after threatening to report corrupt coppers to the media. I suspect there was a connection don’t you? It makes Bexley’s Craske case cover up look like amateur night.

After 24 years of looking the other way, the Met. Police actually admitted in writing that senior officers had been corrupt right up to the very top. The case is currently the subject of a Hillsborough style enquiry and watching from the sidelines it looks to me as though police corruption is still alive and well and living in New Scotland Yard.

Alastair is ‘family’.

Mick BarnbrookSo with most of the day gone I am going to leave the recent crop of emails for another day - except for one. Michael Barnbrook may be just a little upset with me. He says I provided a link to the Labour party’s ‘under construction’ Bexley website yesterday and I’ve never mentioned his, which is probably a bit more advanced towards completion than the Labour one. So in the interests of a quieter life and because Mick has been an indefatigable supporter of Bexley is Bonkers for more than three years, I give you the link to Mick’s website. At least it seems to work, so far as it goes anyway.

Mick is a member of the Bexley Action Group but is planning to stand in Blackfen and Lamorbey as an Independent candidate.

BIOS : Basic Input Output System - POST : Power on Self Test.


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