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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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15 January (Part 1) - Musical chairs

Chicken runAs the election approaches I keep hoping to see some decent websites by the local political parties pop up so we might learn something of their plans, but apart from Chris Attard’s Lesnes UKIP site and some Tory propaganda, Bexley is pretty much a political cyber-desert.

Yesterday I stumbled on a Labour sponsored website which looked promising but today its main content has disappeared. Their theme was that many local Tory councillors are so proud of their achievements in office that they have done a runner to wards where their reputation is unknown. It seemed like a reasonable point to me.

The site told how Eileen Pallen was leaving Crayford to go to Barnehurst. Melvin Seymour from Crayford to Northumberland Heath. Alex Sawyer from Northumberland Heath to St. Mary’s. Chris Taylor from Colyers to Blackfen and Lamorbey. Steven Hall; East Wickham to Blendon and Penhill. John Fuller; Lesnes Abbey to Christchurch. John Davey; Lesnes to Crayford and, drawing the short straw, Kerry Allon from Belvedere to Lesnes Abbey.

Those who study the councillors concerned and their old and new patches will see how this is part of the treadmill to the top. The biggest crawlers get a bunk up to the next level of safe Tory seat.

If the obviously unfinished Labour site could be criticised for anything it was that it was largely knocking copy, but then so are all the Tory sites and there is one big difference between them. The Tory claims are generously padded out with lies, like Labour is so ignorant they believe there is no railway station in Bexleyheath, whilst the Labour comment - see panel above - is at least factual.

Come on Seán, get back on line again because otherwise I can only link to UKIP and that is going to make me look more than a little biased.


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