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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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14 January (Part 2) - Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Half way, as we are, between the last Cabinet meeting in mid-December and the next one at the end of this month there is unlikely to be any startlingly new news about Bexley council. It will no doubt be months before the Local Government Ombudsman looks at Cheryl Bacon’s illegal exclusion of the public from her meeting and the lies that she told about it and the refusal by council officers to interview councillors who knew the truth and were prepared to report it. I don’t think Mick Barnbrook has yet had time to send his allegation of Misconduct in Public Office to the police, so we are probably in for a lean time. On top of that councillors may be on their best behaviour with the election only four months away.

To fill in the awkward information gap I am going to occasionally regurgitate some stories from the distant past. Stories that current readers will never have seen before and others will have long forgotten. Stories that show just what sort of people Bexley folk have been prepared to elect and which may persuade some of them to do something different next time around.

This website used to be tagged for search engines and the like with ‘Dishonest, incompetent, vindictive’ and whilst the description may have fallen into disuse nothing much has changed. It may have been a relatively trivial dispute between a resident and Bexley’s King of Spite but my favourite example of that search engine tag leads me naturally to councillor Peter Harold Craske. Who else could it be? (Err, several of ‘em actually…)

Felix AkeleIn 2010 Mr. Felix Akele obtained permission to have the kerb dropped outside his house in Northumberland Heath. Somehow or other he misunderstood what Bexley council said and thought it was up to him to get the work done. Now that may not have been Bexley council’s fault, other residents have not commonly made the same mistake, but Mr. Akele went ahead and had the work done himself.

Along came Bogeyman Craske on his High Horse and instead of insisting the job was done to his standards by the council’s contractor, which might have been entirely reasonable, the nasty little runt of a man dreamed up a very special punishment for poor Felix.

He insisted the footway be reinstated to its former glory and only then should it be ripped up again and a council approved cross-over be installed.

This spiteful and unnecessary act authorised and defended by Sidcup and Lamorbey councillor Peter Craske meant that poor Felix had to pay three times for his mistake instead of just twice.

The story is still on the News Shopper’s website.

News ShopperSomething else stolen from the News Shopper many years ago was a nice summary of Bexley council I spotted in its pages. It said Bexley council had been “taken over by a mob of nasty, evil people who seem to thrive on other people’s pain and hurt”. Nothing much has changed, remember that when a Bexley Tory knocks on your door over the coming weeks.

Councillor Peter Harold Craske, protected by Bexley council over you know what, was an shameless little blogger bugger in 2010. If you find Craske or his cronies on your doorstep, they might tell you what good things they have done and will do but try to look below the surface. The leopards do not readily change their spots. Not in 2014 or any other time.

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