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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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9 January (Part 2) - Life imitates art

Fly tippingThis scene has amused me since Christmas when the sofa appeared in Abbey Road, Belvedere. Then a few days later DFS advertised a near identical one on the adjacent billboard. Only £279.

Whilst this is once again something which cannot be condoned, fly tipping is understandable to some extent when Bexley council would charge you £30 to get rid of a sofa. Across the river where the council tax is a good deal lower than in Bexley, the council removes large items free of charge.

I think I envy Newham residents to some extent, my neighbour’s front garden has been adorned with a discarded mattress since the Summer and given Bexley council’s policy it is likely to stay there for ever. In Newham they would be fined for creating an eyesore which is fair enough given the council wouldn’t charge for removal. Free residents’ (first vehicle only) and visitor parking too. On the other hand they don’t seem to enforce planning regulations. Almost every garden includes a shed sporting a Sky dish for the occupant.


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