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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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3 January - Website Contact form

The Contact form was withdrawn just before Christmas because the amount of spam had risen to unacceptable levels. For technical reasons the messages had been bounced through Hotmail and onwards to my personal email account but when I went to do the same again under a new name I discovered that the replacement for Hotmail,, permitted message forwarding only if I supplied a mobile phone number. I don’t have one.

Eventually the technical problem that caused Hotmail to be used in the first place was overcome and the Contact facility is now handled entirely on my own mail server. When it attracts spam, as it inevitably will, it will be possible to change the address without legitimate users being affected and the spam messages will get lost. Until it builds up again! It’s always satisfying to defeat those blighters for a while.

Those inclined to send messages anonymously are now free to do so again.


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