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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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1 January - Let battle commence

What do councillors do exactly? Apart from collect upwards of ten grand a year that is. Last month I attended one cabinet meeting: there were a couple of minor committee meetings but basically they took the month off. Are things any busier in January? No.

On the 27th there is to be another cabinet meeting and on the 29th a General Purposes Committee meeting - and that’s just about it really.

TwitterMaybe I’ll find out if there is more to being a councillor than the very occasional meeting later this year. The writing has been on the wall for quite a while but it seems that Mick Barnbrook is definitely going to put himself up for election next May.

I’m not sure how literally we should take his reference to Bexley Action Group. When I discussed the possibility with him a while ago I got the impression he would stand purely as an Independent and not under any group umbrella as that creates complications under electoral law. Probably I am misinterpreting his Twitter announcement.

My understanding is that the other two Independents will be Elwyn Bryant who organised the 2,219 signature petition which Bexley council binned unconsidered and Nicholas Dowling who forced acceptance of recording on a reluctant council; you can be sure that I won’t be joining them!

It’s a pity the three Independents aren’t standing in Brampton ward but I heard - not from UKIP directly - that that party intends to give Teresa O’Neill special attention in May, and it would be silly to detract from that. Dishing out a few home truths on councillors Craske and Taylor should provide even more fun.

Get rid of that Avatar Mick. Not sure an image of you in vest and running shorts is entirely typical of your usual suited and booted self.


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