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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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27 February (Part 2) - Independent Person or ‘Bexley Breeze Block’?

A councillor told me in connection with the Cheryl Bacon affair that Bexley “controls the Independence process” and then wouldn’t say any more. Given that Rebecca Sandhu was happy to go along with the decision not to seek any witnesses to Bacon’s ‘Closed Session’ meeting and rely totally on her account of what happened (unsupported by any other person) when complaints were made against her, I looked once again at the councillor’s statement. I don’t think any of them risk writing to me unless they have a very good reason for doing so.

News ShopperTracking Rebecca soon took me away from the main objective and led to Boris Johnson and his cocktail party at local business Mobile Bar Hire last year. The cocktail story was briefly taken up by the national press.

Was Boris really plugging a local business or was it all an incestuous Tory love-in? I suspect the latter. The Sandhu brothers the News Shopper refers to are Avtar Singh Sandhu and Ragbhir Singh Sandhu, two very successful businessmen from Dartford.

TweetBexley Conservatives confirmed the political link with a helpful Retweet of a comment by Dartford Conservative councillor Avtar Sandhu. His Register of Members’ Interests on Dartford’s website makes it amply clear just how successful the Sandhu brothers are. Umpteen houses and businesses and the ultimate proof that Boris Johnson’s promotion of a local business was another case of ‘We are all in this together’ and a stunt to boost each other’s status.

Mobile Bar Hire
Avtar Singh Sandhu is Dartford’s Deputy Mayor - and Bexley’s shopping guru is Bromley’s deputy mayor, another coincidence you can be sure.

And there the trail goes cold. Rebecca Sandhu, at the same address as Inderjit Singh Sandhu in Abbey Wood may be an Independent Person but is she? What else could the Bexley councillor have meant when he said the Independence process was being controlled?

Who fancies their chances as a Private Eye?


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