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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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26 February (Part 4) - When she is not lying she is exaggerating. Is there a difference?

News ShopperEverything you need to know about Bexley council’s budget consultation has been published. The figures are absolutely clear. Including organisations, 663 ‘people’ responded in some way or other, however not everyone answered every one of the 23 questions. The biggest response was on the subject of the archives. 342 people gave their opinion on that.

Overall 2,881 answers were in favour of the council’s proposals and 1,932 were against them which means that those in favour formed just under 60%. The council rounded that up to two thirds. That degree of agreement can only be achieved if the Don’t Knows are deemed to be in favour. But according to a report in today’s News Shopper that is not the full extent of Bexley’s subterfuge.

Council leader Teresa O’Neill is quoted as saying that almost 1,000 residents were involved in the consultation. That is simply not true; fewer than two thirds of that figure took part. Presumably Teresa is as usual banking on resident apathy and the failure of journalists to check up on what she says. Few residents will have a copy of the consultation report.

My own extract of the questions and answers is available as an Excel file. See if you can discover where the FC (Fibbing Councillor) gets her figure from.

Click image for the News Shopper’s report.


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