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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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20 February (Part 4) - Erith’s ‘war’ with Bexley council

The people who organise the Erith Riverside Festival have asked Bexley council what they plan to do to commemorate the Great War. Erith with its proud industrial past has many connections with the First World War 1914-1918. The answer would appear to be nothing. Would you expect anything else of a council prepared to dump its history in a cupboard in Bromley?

One of the ideas put forward is to sow poppy seeds in the Riverside Gardens. It would cost very little but so far Bexley council has shown scant interest. Maybe it would encourage them to show some respect if residents asked them why they prefer to do nothing when Tories come knocking on their door soliciting votes. Or maybe they could get in touch with cabinet member Don Massey more directly.

I think I should perhaps organise my own remembrance in April next year. This is all that was left of my grandfather’s brother after he was blown to bits by a shell at Ypres.
Killed in Action


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