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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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20 February (Part 1) - Smash and Grabby Wood

Broken machine Broken machineThose of us who know Abbey Road, Belvedere well never expected Bexley council’s £1.90 an hour parking machines to survive the Friday and Saturday night revellers for long, and it would appear our predictions were correct.

Another has been out of order for a week and yesterday I spoke to the three men who were taking it apart. “Second one in a fortnight” they said pointing at its neighbour across the road. I didn’t see the need to take an intrusive photograph, the man in the yellow jacket and the contractor’s van should be enough to prove the point. The machine was still covered early this morning.

The man on the spot agreed that the four machines in Abbey Road do not take enough money to justify their existence or breaking them open. From memory I think I heard in a council meeting they cost around £3,500 each and more for installation, maintenance and cash collection. So how much has Bexley council’s avarice cost the taxpayer?

Note: This machine was restored to use during the afternoon of 24th February.


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