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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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19 February (Part 2) - Me Labour? Excuse me while I laugh

I received this message this morning. Anonymously of course.

Is it true you attend Labour meetings and advise them? A labour member tells me you are on their side.

Confession time. My lifetime association with the Labour Party is as follows.

• Flung out of one of their hustings in 1959 for heckling.
• Attended their public meeting to discuss the down grading of Queen Mary’s Hospital and reported here that it was disorganised.
• I have never voted Labour ever but may do in May if I think it will block a Tory.
• I think Teresa Pearce has been a great local MP but I do not agree with all her politics.
• My correspondence file contains folders from Labour people but not as many as folders for Bexley Conservative councillors.

Is that a good enough answer? I’m on nobody’s side. Teresa got closest to the truth when she said I was “a plague on all your houses sort of person”.


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