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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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14 February (Part 2) - Today’s excuses are…

Sometimes when you see fewer than usual blog posts here it means there is nothing to report. At other times it is because there is so much going on that I am failing to keep up with it. Now is such a time.

Yesterday afternoon I was interviewed for an hour and a bit by someone from Birmingham City University. They are doing a study on the role of blogs within local communities or something like that; I simply haven’t had the time to check up on what they are up to but there is of course a website. I think it is fair to say they were amazed by the lengths Bexley council has gone to to suppress comment and the degree of criminality that has been exposed. I gave permission for the recording to be made available if they so decide. The interviewer was also rather surprised to hear that Bonkers is a single handed effort, albeit with quite a lot of independent information providers.

Obscene blogThis week alone I have received three letters from the police. One from the IPCC, one from the DPS and one from the Deputy Assistant Commissioner. It would appear that alleging that two senior officers and Will Tuckley are guilty of Misconduct in Public Office sparks quite a lot of interest. So far the police have responded very positively and an earlier complaint is no longer being handled at Constable level.

I believe the evidence against Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer is devastating and leaves no wriggle room. Not that anyone will be surprised given the reputation of the Metropolitan Police if some far fetched excuse is concocted. I had to reply to one of the letters and it may shed some light on where the complaint is going. In case you are a newcomer to Bonkers I should explain that all of this stems from the cover up operation and the need to “resolve councillor Craske’s situation” after a load of obscenities were found to have been originated on his phone line. See Timeline.

Then last night I attended another council meeting. It provided little of general interest so I am not going to spend much time on reporting it, but something will appear here eventually.

I think I have caught up with the emails delayed by BT’s reluctance to properly investigate a fault but new ones keep arriving. I doubt those that ask me to grab photos of this or that are going to be dealt with any time soon, and the weather is as big a disincentive as time.

Comments on election leaflets are interesting but would be even more so if accompanied by a scanned copy. Requests from election candidates for lists of things extracted from Bonkers will necessarily go on a long list of things to do. About all I can find time for right now is to answer one email question. Yes Bexley does rank among the lowest crime areas in Greater London. The figures vary over time and we have had rather more murders in recent years than other boroughs but on general run of the mill crime, if there is such a thing, it would be hair splitting not to accept that Bexley is among the safest boroughs in London. Comparing it with areas elsewhere in the country that the police think are similar to Bexley produces a less favourable result.

IPCC : Independent Police Complaints Commission. DPS : Metropolitan Police Department of Professional Standards.


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