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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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12 February (Part 3) - Another case of Bexley law breaking

A quick recap on Bridleway 250. Landowner blocked it. Bexley council turned a blind eye. Mick Barnbrook complained and was told it was closed to prevent crime. Police very reluctantly admitted there had been almost no crime. Head of Legal advised addressing a question to the General Purposes Committee. Committee refused to accept question. And so the case takes another step nearer to court.

It was known that Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1988 specifically stated it could not be used to overrule any other legislation but Bexley council was not to be put off by the inconsequential matter of breaking the law. They disregarded it.

Then a government guidance note ‘On Crime Prevention on Public Rights of Way’ turned up and very interesting it is too. It says that closures such as that conducted on the word of Sergeant Alison Bateman of Bexley Police is not really good enough. Closure requires the Authority of the Secretary of State and will only be permitted in very strict circumstances which probably do not apply to Bridleway 250.


What you see above (click or scroll) is only a small section of the guidance. You may get the full copy from here. (PDF)

You’d think Akin Alabi (Head of Legal) would know the law, he is paid more than enough. Perhaps he does know the law but has been told what he has to do again, like in the Cheryl Bacon case.


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