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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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12 February (Part 1) - The company they keep…

Dan Taylor and CoA couple more emails from long time correspondents.

One says that the Conservative’s official line on the Dan Taylor episode will be that he never was a candidate. Maybe so but we know he was lined up to be one and now he has gone. Presumably it’s why one of their members suggested a couple of weeks ago that I grab a copy of the East Wickham website. He didn’t say why. It would be nice to think it was James Hunt because if he is mixed up in this business it will shatter a few of my illusions about him. I might say I actually like him except that if I do it will probably wreck any political ambitions he may have. Until we get rid of Teresa O’Neill anyway.

The safest assumption might be that no Conservative councillor or prospective councillor can be trusted - which is a bit unfair because I can think of four or five who might be totally honest. Not all of them are loyal disciples of the Great Dictator.

Whilst no fan of cabinet member Chris Taylor for his treatment of care workers, I don’t see how this episode reflects badly on him as some have suggested.

The other email said this…

Dan Taylor was on the list yesterday, after reading your article I looked at the Conservative web site and he was there. Just looked in my history and yes he was defiantly there yesterday. Attached is screen shot of page from yesterday’s history.

The second coincidental disappearance this week. The forgotten traffic lights in Lansdowne Road vanished the day after they were given a mention here. Dan Taylor remains as chairman of Colyers ward Conservatives if their website can be believed.

Mayor opens shopYou have to admit it. Being a Bexley Conservative confers all sorts of privileges ordinary people would not expect to receive. How many shops in Blackfen get opened by the mayor?

They are all in it together. Up to their eyeballs in dishonesty and boosting their own careers and income.

Note: This blog was retrospectively modified based on fresh information.


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