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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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9 February (Part 2) - Catching up on websites

UKIPIt’s not only emails that are all behind, there are local websites that I look at most days to collect new info. One is Chris Attard’s UKIP site. He nicks stuff from me so I return the compliment!

On 1st February he told his readers how he and his colleagues were welcomed in Belvedere. Like Chris I have taken the Tories’ Twittering on about how everyone loves them with a big bucket of salt. The Mandy Rice-Davies comment springs to mind. Their only claim seems to be that they froze council tax for three years - or four if you stretch a point. What else have they done? Closed all the public loos, filled in the William Morris fountain, introduced a myriad of stealth taxes, refused to accept petitions, prosecuted several residents for things that haven’t done, encouraged zero hours contracts and lower than minimum pay. There’s probably more.

They’ll perhaps claim they revamped Bexleyheath Broadway but those who have complained about the cost have been told Boris did it and it was his money, as if somehow it cost us nothing. If they refer complainants to Boris they can hardly take the credit when people like it, and some do. Oh, I forgot, maybe they can have it both ways; they lie without scruple and as councillor Linda Bailey said they “can do what I like”.

ScamChris has another article on what he calls Bexley’s Education Warfare Office. Fining parents of sick children is another nice little earners for councils.

Two and a half years ago a couple of Bexley council employees set up a little scam they called South Eastern Attendance Advisory Service Ltd. complete with spoof Post Code. The whole thing was designed to scare parents into paying them money. Whether that shady outfit is the same as the one Chris refers to I have no idea, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find Bexley council still encouraging malpractice.

The associated slogan is from a booklet issued by the police and supported by Bexley Trading Standards at a meeting in the Civic Centre last Monday.


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