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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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7 February (Part 1) - Another dangerous Frizoni Folly. Probably?

I have a friend who for more than twenty years has driven from Bromley to Belvedere every weekday. From her I get frequent updates about the state of the boroughs’ roads. Bromley’s have gradually improved with bottlenecks eased and awkward junctions expertly redesigned, realigned and widened where necessary. I don’t do the journey often myself but I can think of five such improvements over the past five years or so.

In Bexley the reverse is true. All roads have been progressively narrowed and junctions which once had two lanes are reduced to one. On the route from Belvedere to the borough border at Sidcup I can instantly think of eleven degradations and just one improvement. The man to blame for this is Mike Frizoni. He hates motorists.

Welling High Street Welling High StreetThe latest wheeze brought to my attention is in Welling. It is rather like the accident blackspot introduced to Oakhampton Crescent where little protrusions jut out into the road to catch the unwary. But at least there the protrusions are marked by illuminated bollards. Not so in Welling High Street which being a major A road is probably influenced by the dead hand of TfL too.

Whichever bunch of chumps was responsible for introducing another bottleneck to Welling High Street presumably lacks any qualification for the job. With no warnings and no illumination it puts pedestrians, cyclists and motorists at additional risk. At night the latest of their deathtraps becomes invisible.

Welling High StreetOne car driver has already reported clipping the kerb and writing off both nearside tyres. By the look of the third photograph he is not the first to do so. The sharp edged kerb stone bears the scars.

Bexley council, in its characteristically uncaring manner, has ensured that the kerb is given a very sharp edge as it has elsewhere. Here a softer edge might have been more considerate, but when has Bexley council been anything other than spiteful?


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