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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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5 February (Part 1) - Third time lucky?

I volunteered to take my computer, firewall, router and BT modem to a friend who has an identical fibre connection and my ISP’s support man agreed it would be an interesting experiment but that he was absolutely sure it would work on a different line. He was right, it did. The The upshot is that BT is at last agreeing that the problem must be in their system. At least I think they do, their default position is always to blame the customer.

The ‘authentication failure’ theory has been discounted because my connection is not getting that far, it simply disappears somewhere in BT’s system.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I am scheduled to have the previously promised visit by a member of the Special Faults team. Why they have to visit me when it is obvious to all that the fault is not here I have no idea.


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