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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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4 February (Part 3) - BT. Absolutely clueless

So much for BT sending a Special Faults team member to sort out their broken Infinity broadband. They sent a regular Openreach man with a fault ticket which said “FTTC. Customer equipment fault”. BT established a week ago that the fault was not in my equipment and doesn’t want to admit that the problem could be theirs and have no concept of customer service.

Like his colleague last week this man did his best by first performing a number of line tests one of which failed. He fixed it, not that it made any difference.

Then he started phoning people. Eventually it was proved that the problem lies well beyond Thamesmead telephone exchange which is what my ISP support desk said a week ago. Both BT and the ISP are now muttering about an authentication failure, which I think might translate to ‘someone changed the password in the middle of the night’.

On another internet connection borrowed yesterday evening I saw 119 Bonkers emails awaiting attention. I only had time to look at a few from regular correspondents. One said one week without the net is nothing, when his Virgin line went down it took them seven weeks to fix it. Thanks for that. Just what I wanted to hear.


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