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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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4 February (Part 1) - BT. Utterly useless

The BT investigator failed to turn up yesterday. Apart from Sunday and last Tuesday afternoon, I have been kept in either waiting for phone calls, waiting for BT’s so called engineer - they are not engineers, they are technicians at best - or performing system tests as directed by them.

Everyone I’ve mentioned this to, with one exception, assumes without any suggestion from me, that Bexley council is in some way behind the breakdown. Presumably that is a good indication of the esteem in which they are held, but I still doubt it. But then I would have doubted that any council leader would go to the police with a cock and bull story in the hope of getting me arrested, but Teresa O’Neill and her cohorts did exactly that, so maybe I am just naive.

I’ve been told I should go and get myself a mobile telephone dongle to crack the impasse but I cannot get to the shops because BT have said they will try to visit today after reneging on the promise to come yesterday. I suspect another wasted day lies ahead and speaking as someone who worked for BT from age 19 to retirement, I shall never again rise to their defence when I hear someone slagging them off. They deserve nothing less.

If I can get this on line via a friend’s connection it gives no opportunity to come back and fix errors which adds to the frustration.


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