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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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3 February - Fingers crossed

My Internet Service Provider kindly exchanged my own Cisco router for a more modern one of their own and BT Openreach exchanged their VDSL (fibre) modem because the old model has a history of failure but all to no avail.

The Cisco router allows the ISP to dial into it on a dial-up modem and my entire system has been given a clean bill of health and the tests reveal only that no data is coming down the phone line.

This morning BT’s Wholesale division are scheduled to put their Special Faults Investigation team on the case to try to get to the bottom of the problem because no one can see any reason for my fibre broadband not working. Maybe the conspiracy theorists are not mad after all though surely if they were active they would take down the website, not merely my access to it?

Note: Until I can access my web server in the normal way, some aspects of the month changeover are unlikely to work correctly.


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