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Bonkers Blog December 2014

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15 December (Part 3) - Bexley’s aversion to fire and water

It looks as though the Maggot Sandwich has nailed the rumour that Bexley council has cut funding for children’s swimming lessons. I never knew they provided any.

GoosesteppingIf you go to Hugh Neal’s current blog and scroll down past the second picture (the bagpiper) to the text picked out in red you will see that they have indeed brought about the demise of beginners’ swimming classes. However it is being done at arm’s length through their agents Parkswood Leisure.

Hugh alludes to his “pitchforks and flaming torches” comment again but fortunately stops short of repeating it. Last time he went down that metaphorical road our moronic leader Teresa O’Neill, who presumably hasn’t read a word of classical literature in her pathetic life, reported me to the police for threatening arson on the Civic Offices - and that corrupt bunch went straight to the Crown Prosecution Service who recommended I was charged. Just for once the Independent Police Complaints Commission came up trumps. And why me and not Hugh you may ask? I would suggest it is because T. O’Neill is not just a moron but a power crazed vindictive moron.

Stopping swimming lessons presumably fits in nicely with the council’s plan to keep toddlers away from water by closing Belvedere’s Splash Park. And what happened to that campaign? Their Facebook pages have been pretty much dormant for the past few weeks.


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