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Bonkers Blog December 2014

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13 December (Part 2) - Supremely lucky

Legal NoticeDelivery of the News Shopper at my address can be somewhat intermittent but I am lucky because a lot of people don’t seem to get it at all.

When mine comes, and it does more often than not, it arrives around Friday lunchtime. Yesterday, Friday 12th December was no exception and as usual I went first to the letters page and finding nothing of great interest, from there to the Legal Notices where I was pleased to note there were very few yellow line extensions, however tucked away in the corner was the advertisement reproduced above.

SupremeBexley council is looking for a new care provider but they are clearly hoping that not too many people will apply. Applications closed five hours after the paper flopped on to my doormat.

Fortunately there is little need to advertise for care providers in Bexley as it has its own, more or less in-house and sure to be very aware of each and every business opportunity.

Cabinet member Don Massey and his wife councillor Sharon Massey have launched their new enterprise Supreme Homecare endorsed by James Brokenshire MP no less. It's sure to do well.

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