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Bonkers Blog December 2014

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10 December (Part 2) - Will Ben bend or is he bent?

BreakdownOn Sunday afternoon I spotted a friend in Wilton Road trying to break into his own car. The remote central locking had failed and he was having a problem with a damaged key hole. When the door was persuaded to open the alarm went off. The remainder of the electrics appeared to be dead and the starter switch did absolutely nothing. I lamely suggested a battery fault but was told a new one was installed earlier in the day when the problem first showed up. So all that could be done was leave the car there until the repair man could get to it.

While passing by next morning I saw a repair truck backed up to the broken vehicle but that didn’t stop a Bexley bastard giving it a ticket for overstaying the one hour parking restriction.

At the last Places Scrutiny meeting Mr. Ben Stephens, boss of Bexley’s parking team, was at pains to tell everyone what a sensitive caring chap he is so after my friend sends him the letter the repair man kindly supplied we may learn if Mr. Stephens is just another of Bexley council’s professional liars or a man of his word.

The problem with the car proved to be an intermittent earth return cable and a dud starter motor.


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