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Bonkers Blog December 2014

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5 December (Part 1) - Say goodbye to the old Lesnes Abbey park

The tree surgeons have moved in to Lesnes Abbey park and the demolition contractors are gearing up to swing their wrecking balls.

The yew tree hedge on the southern perimeter has gone already (Photo 2) and probably the wildlife which Bexley council claimed was a priority won’t be happy but there is no doubt that it has opened up the vista and the view from the woods is much improved.

The conifers which are in a line parallel to the eastern yew hedge are coming down too (Photo 3) to allow more light in. More hedge roosting birds with nowhere to go.

Lesnes Lesnes Lesnes Lesnes

Lesnes LesnesThe decision to replace the stone built visitor centre with an ultra modern glass box is still being universally condemned by the chattering dog walking classes and the published impressions of it bear some resemblance to one of Prince Charles’s carbuncles.

But it’s too late now, Bexley council always knows best and you won’t be seeing the park toilets again. Now that the Belvedere Splash Park is shut does that mean that Bexley is entirely devoid of easily accessible public toilets?



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