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Bonkers Blog August 2014

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17 August - Money well spent?

Sidcup SidcupWhile news of council activities has almost dried up this month, the Sidcup regeneration continues to cause havoc before its scheduled completion at the end of September.

Under the headline ‘Ghost Town’, the News Shopper carried a story last week about customer numbers being down by 35% in the Mind charity shop. Not surprising given that it is hidden behind a new bus shelter as well as a contractor’s hut. (Photo 6.)

Approaching from the east one might be forgiven for thinking that things are back to normal with its two-way traffic sign but that’s only as far as Hatherley Road and beyond that the road is still littered with holes, materials and machinery.

Sidcup Sidcup Sidcup Sidcup

And what has Sidcup got to show for nine months of disruption? Probably not very much that will bring trade back to the town. The Hadlow and Hatherley Road junctions have been revamped in Bexley’s preferred block and kerbless design. Fortunately the surface will only carry lightweight buses so may survive for more than twelve months.

Maybe the trees outside Bexley council’s own shop, Sidcup & Co. and the numb bum inducing granite seats will bring the shoppers back, or perhaps a small number of stylish new shop fronts. But in reality, Sidcup High Street looks a little cleaner but otherwise much the same as it always has.

Sidcup Sidcup Sidcup Sidcup


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