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Bonkers Blog August 2014

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14 August - It was bound to happen sooner or later

SwingsI was obviously delusional when I thought it might be possible to keep Bonkers going whilst a four year old was running around the house, but it was one long round of swings and roundabouts and feeding the ducks and then trying to find something she would condescend to eat. It would appear that the days of dripping on toast for the main course and sugar sandwiches for afters, like it or go hungry, have long gone. Now it’s all pizza and paté and woe betide you if it’s the wrong flavour.

I wasn’t too enamoured of her father’s choice of tee shirt either. Click for the bigger view.

The only report I found time to follow up was the one about the Harrow Manorway flyover being an accident waiting to happen. I’ve seen it myself so a report saying that people are running across the road as a shortcut to the station and bus stops now that the central barrier has been removed did not come as a surprise. Someone’s going to cause an accident was the prediction.

Pictures one and two below were taken very early yesterday morning.
Harrow Manorway Harrow Manorway Harrow ManorwayBy late afternoon my reader’s prophesy had come true and a Parcel Force van had swerved off the restricted width carriageway and severely dented the support for the canopy that protects bus passengers from the elements. There is a picture of the damaged van on the News Shopper’s website.

Crossrail were advised by the concerned reader of the danger created by their work on the flyover and it was suggested a temporary barrier be kept in place to prevent the foolhardy risking their lives but unfortunately with no favourable response.

TrunkingThe plan is for the main entrance to the rebuilt station to be from Harrow Manorway and presumably pedestrian controlled traffic lights will be installed. In fact cable trunking went in yesterday and it looks as though that may be its purpose.

Nevertheless, it is unlikely to be as safe as the under bridge walkways to the existing low level station entrance.


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