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Bonkers Blog August 2014

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5 August - Half a foot for little feet

Before AfterThere has been a surprise development outside Bedonwell Infants School following complaints extending back 20 years about the footpath access being extremely narrow. More recently the cudgels were taken up by Mr. Chris Attard who has a child at the school but Bexley council failed to get permission to move the fence and their priority, goodness knows why, was to preserve the car parking spaces. The details are here.

Is there any other school in Bexley where car parking right outside the school gate is encouraged?

Chris protested about the lack of progress and his two year struggle against bureaucracy just a couple of weeks ago at the council meeting but the exchange was verging on the acrimonious and it looked to me like he was banging his head against a brick wall.

Then this (Photo 2) happened a day or two ago. The path became a few inches wider. It should help very thin people walk a bit closer to the fence and maybe it will be possible for two buggies to pass with care.

I asked Chris if he was tipped off in advance that developments were afoot, but the answer was no. I doubt there will ever be any acknowledgement that a UKIP candidate at the recent election may have made a difference, albeit a little one and nothing like what was originally thought necessary by both Chris and officialdom.

But it’s better than nothing. Just.


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