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Bonkers Blog August 2014

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3 August (Part 2) - Bexley’s 1914 War commemoration. The parade and the singsong

The man in a yellow jacket who came out of the church just before 11:15 to tell his friends that the ruling classes would be out in ten minutes was fibbing, the exodus didn't commence until 11:45. Then everyone had to be marshalled into place by Mr. Dave Easton who traditionally does ‘master of ceremonies’ at this annual event. Leaving the right size gap between the leading band and the following one for the VIPs to fill at the last minute is done with military precision.

WW1 WW1 WW1 British Legion WW1 WW1 WW1 British Legion WW1 WW1 WW1 British Legion

At last everyone is in position and off they go on the short walk to the Clocktower, all except those too grand to put foot to cobble who take the council’s limousine. Who could that be?

WW1 WW1 WW1 British Legion

It’s that man again! Ian Payne had taken over the Clocktower end of the event ushering people to their seats.

WW1 WW1 WW1 British Legion

He made the introductory speech too, and some later ones. He began with “Welcome to Bromley” before correcting himself and insisting it was a deliberate error to attract everyone’s attention. Knowing him, it could just be true. The moment everyone erupted in laughter is captured in the fourth photo of the group above. Both the third and fourth reveal who took the limo rather than walk. Teresa Too Posh to Perambulate O’Neill no less.

WW1 WW1 WW1 British Legion

The mayor’s speech was short to the point of being non-existent, a few words about how nice the weather was prompting a few comments from a group standing alongside me.

Following that, Ian Payne introduced the singer and encouraged the assembled throng to join in some First World War songs. At which point I spotted a B11 bus in the distance and made my way to the bus stop. Life is too busy with other things at the moment to be able to spare more time keeping this blog alive during Bexley council’s prolonged holiday season.


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