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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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30 April (Part 2) - Up for the count

Some kind soul has put me down for an invitation to the local election count to be held at the Crook Log Leisure Centre on the night of 22nd May. Not sure why I should be pleased at the prospect of being up all night but I am. But I have been engaged in a different sort of count today. How many candidates from each party are standing in Bexley? It shouldn’t be hard to find out but conversations have revealed different numbers from different people so I’ve been seeing if my abacus can do any better. By my reckoning we have…

63 Conservative candidates, 63 Labour, 21 British National Party, 19 United Kingdom Independence Party, 15 Liberal Democrats, seven Greens, four Christian People’s Alliance, three Independents and one Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (in Colyers ward).

One ‘official’ summary I saw showed only 14 LibDems standing but I think someone missed the one in Sidcup. No one believes me but when I first went to school we didn’t have pencils and note books, it was chalk, slates and an abacus. I hope I learned to use mine better than some others.

I think that wraps up April, with luck I'll manage the complexities of the month changeover tomorrow better than last time. Apologies to those who didn’t at first find April as a result of my error.



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