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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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29 April (Part 4) - Oh, the irony!

News ShopperIf you Google for ‘Belvedere underage fireworks’ as I did you may be in for a big surprise, for while Labour candidate Baljeet Gill is currently second on the list, beating him into that position is Tory candidate Jarmail Singh who in 2010 sold both fireworks and alcohol to an underage shopper.

Jarmail however, being a Conservative, did not get hauled before the magistrate and fined an awful lot of money, he merely had his knuckles rapped by his friends on the Licensing Committee for an offence that was every bit as bad, if not worse, than Baljeet’s.

AllonSo it looks like my prediction that political skullduggery would have led to yesterday’s court case may not be too wide of the mark.

Kerry Allon who stood alongside Jarmail Singh in 2010 now stands accused of being a hypocrite as well as a knave who is happy to work alongside a liar. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones Kerry.

One has to wonder how councillors Read and Allon were able to Tweet about this case 24 hours before the News Shopper reported it. My guess is it’s because Bexley council controls the Magistrates Court too, they have certainly had councillors and staff on the bench in the past, probably still have. Almost everything about Bexley council will stink if you are prepared to poke around beneath the surface for a while.

Click newspaper headline above for the News Shopper’s report.



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