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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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26 April (Part 2) - So it’s not just me

For years my route home from points south has been via Gravel Hill, Erith Road and Long Lane but recently I have taken to branching off into Albion Road if the traffic lights are favourable and thence via Church Road into Long Lane. There’s less traffic that way and it may even be shorter but the downside is three more roundabouts.

Bexley council doesn’t have a lot of luck with roundabouts - no, make that ‘invariably proves incompetent with roundabouts’. There was Ruxley Corner which no large vehicle could negotiate without going up the kerb and there was Wickham Lane which no bus could get around at all, and then there is the well known ‘horizontal dart board’ at Trinity Place where drivers and pedestrians have to guess what the rules of the road might be. However the one I have recently found most ‘interesting’ is the new one outside the Bowling Alley.

I am described by my friends as a rather cautious and probably boring sort of driver. I have not yet descended into slouching behind the wheel wearing a flat cap and peering between the spokes of the steering wheel but I do observe speed limits and try to stay in lane, but I was in for a shock when I first went around that Albion Road abomination.

On the inside lane at under 20 m.p.h. and with another car just behind me in the outer lane I was in some danger of hitting the kerb while keeping studiously in lane, so acute is the bend. I’ve passed by many times since and it’s near impossible to keep within the inside lane at any speed unlikely to get you rammed up the backside.

Yesterday I took these photos while crossing the road on foot. I didn’t have to wait to see other drivers finding the roundabout difficult. I took seven photos and there were fewer than thirty seconds between first and last. Another accident waiting to happen.

Broadway Broadway Broadway Broadway



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